How Do I Join the Self-Healing Community?

We are still working on this portion of our website. Thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, please contact Amy or Tom at 218.825.7682 to learn more about how you can be part of this project.

For the first phase of this project, we are focusing our efforts on connections with the residents of NE Brainerd, and we also need individuals from our entire community to work together to make this a success!

For 2019-2020, our project is working in the following areas:

  • NE Neighbors
  • Garfield & Lowell Parents Education Series
  • Monthly ACEs 101 Session (See Events Calendar)
  • Monthly Resiliency 201 Session (See Events Calendar)
  • Foster, Adoptive & Respite Parents’ Learning & Support Community
  • ACEs & Resiliency in Your Workplace
  • ACEs & Resiliency House Event & Discussion
  • The Advance Program
  • Inmates & ACEs
  • Crosby Community: Coming Soon!